Warehouse logistics automation

Mindcore company – is your professional consultant the sphere of warehouse logistics automation. During the years of work on Russian and international market, we have studied in detail the features of warehouse logistics and have considered them to create the most comprehensive solution for warehouse management.

Using our solutions for warehouse management will allow your company to automate warehouse processes and the inventory process, to track the goods movement in warehouses, to ensure complete orders execution, as well as reduce the cost of goods storing.

Our solutions provide the analytical tools to operatively analyze data and make the right management decisions.

The use of complex solutions for the warehouse logistics automation will provide your business the following advantages:

  • The inventory automation. No longer you need to spend a lot of time on routine nomenclature accounting for products in stock. Using bar codes assigned to the goods at the stage of acceptance and data collection terminal, you will collect the necessary information about the stock status in the shortest possible time.
  • Growth of profit through rational use of storage space. Storage space optimization allows you to increase the capacity, efficiency of orders execution, as well as the goods turnover, which in turn leads to an improvement in the quality and speed of warehouse operation and consequently, increase profit.
  • Cost reduction on extra warehouse staff maintaining and storage processes organizing.
  • Minimizing the impact of the human factor. The probability of errors made by employees is minimized due to the fact that all information on the goods location are kept in the accounting system, which controls the user activity.
  • Improvement in customer service and as a result, customer satisfaction.
  • Automation of labor-intensive processes and elimination of work duplication.

Automation of warehouse logistics – use your resources as efficiently and promptly make the right management decisions with comprehensive Mindcore solutions!

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