The implementation of enterprise management systems

The creation of effective management accounting systems – let us help you to learn about the way things are going


Gregory Sotsky, Head of the Development department

The use of full-featured and automated control systems now offer tremendous advantages for better business management.

It improves the reaction rate to the changes of environmental conditions, reduces the implementing cost of business processes, minimizes many unsubstantiated expenses and improves the quality of client service.

Nowadays it is almost impossible to imagine the effective management of the company without management technologies, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Manufacturing Resources Planning (MRP II), Just-In-Time (JIT), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Activity Based Costing (ABC) and many more. However, the implementation of such systems is a rather significant cost item, so the benefits from these expenditures have to be assessed very carefully, thought out and analyzed.

At the same time, projects for the implementation of ERP systems require experienced professionals with the necessary skills. The implementation of ERP systems is a thorough analysis of the existing business processes, the development of methodology and design to meet business needs, with the possibility of integrated into existing IT-infrastructure of the company and a range of other events.

According to independent analytical agencies if introduction of corporate control systems is properly and carefully planned, companies can achieve significant structural and operational advantages such as:

  • Reduce of operatingand administrativeexpendituresno less than 15%
  • Saving of working capital no less than 2%
  • Reduce of implementation cycle no less than 25%
  • Reduce of business costs no less than 35%
  • Reduction of receivables no less than 12%
  • The increase in turnover of funds in the calculation no less than 25%
  • The increase inmaterial stocksturnoverno less than 30%
  • Holisticbusiness processes
  • Improvement of the enterprise performance
  • Increase in the quality of adopted decisions
  • Heightening of data processing efficiency
  • Increase of efficiency of the accounting and treasury functions
  • Employees’ performance improvement in carrying out standard operations

The implementation of enterprise management systems is designed to assist in optimizing the decision-making mechanisms that finally willresult in reduce of the expenses and increase the profit of the company.

The most thorough analysis of the needs and strict compliance to a particular sequence of actions allows to minimize all possible risks to the implementation of the system and speed up the process.

Advantages of cooperation with Mindcore

  • We propose projects of ERP systems implementation based on leading software platforms of the business automation solutions – Microsoft Business Solutions (a division of Microsoft, which produces the ERP-system Microsoft Dynamics), SAP, IBM Cognos, 1C and others.
  • The most worldwide popular platforms for the automation of enterprise management today are Microsoft Business Solutions software – Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
  • Operating principle and interface of the Microsoft Business Solutions ERP systems are familiar to all Microsoft Office users. That is why the automation of business processes based on the Microsoft Dynamics platforms will require minimal training costs.
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