In a few years of successful practices across various projects for the construction of management accounting systems, we have gained a unique expertise; developed several tested methodological solutions and have assembled one of the finest project teams in the industry.

Denis Ivanov

Mindcore successfully cooperates with large domestic and international companiesfor more than 5 years. Quite often, there is a situation when the integrated information system of the international company that opened the representation in the Russian Federation does not consider the specifics of doing business here and the Russian legislation. In this case, there is a need to adapt the customized corporate standards processes to the requirements of the Russian business environment.

Automation of business processes and businessof international companies operating in the Russian Federation in general, has a number of significant differences from the standard implementation of enterprise management systems in Europe, primarily due to the requirements of the legal framework and language features:

– Significant methodological differences in the regulated accounting and reporting.

– The need to input and store data in the local language.

– Accounting in foreign companies in a unified accounting system, in contrast to the Russian companies in which management accounting can be conducted in a single system, and the balance in the other.

– The need to prepare additional printed forms in a language accepted in the territory of representation.

– Language barriers arising in the communication process, the need for organization of the support system in the local language.

– The consolidation. The need for the head office to receive reports in usual form from a local accounting system.

Consultants and practitioners of Mindcore undertake the performing of the following tasks:

  • A comprehensiveauditingof the existing informationsystem andIT infrastructureof the client.
  • Creation of the requirementslistfora new informationsystem.
  • Execution of aggregate of measures to implementthe new systemin maximum deadlines.Foreign companies decisions adaptation to the requirements of Russian legislation and the specifics of the Russian business.
  • To Russian companiesaspiringto enter the international level, we are prepared toassistin adapting theinformation systemto the requirements ofinternational law, as well as the peculiarities ofdoing business abroad.
  • If required, we perform solutions replication in accordance with the requirements and objectives of the representation.
  • Full support, maintenance and development of enterprise management system.
  • Consolidation anda comprehensive data analysis froma trusted partner.
  • Flexibility in adaptation to changing business conditions and legislation.
  • The implementation of centralized management of representative offices.
  • Unified system is easier to develop and maintain.
  • Reduced of total costs to system implementation.
  • The opportunity of accounting in accordance with international and national accounting standards.
  • Minimization of the tax and business risks in the transition to a new system of management.
  • Obtaining the tool for group reporting, with the international companyresponsible for it.

Learn about the advantages of working with Mindcore:

  • We have great experience of more than 5 years of productive cooperation with Russian and international companies both in the field of consulting and automation, and comprehensive solutions to any business issues in Russia.
  • During our work, we have accumulated a large database practical knowledge, but also have a deep understanding of the specifics of conducting business in Russia and the CIS, so we are to offer our clients only proven methods of problem solving in the region company interested in.
  • We develop and offer our customers solutions based on Microsoft products adaptedfully to the requirements of the Russian legislation and the specifics of the business.
  • We can maintain and have ongoing projects in Russian, English, French and Czech.
  • Our experts follow a proactive position in their activities and use creative approach to the provision of consulting services.
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