More than 5 years, our company provides services related not only to the implementation of projects based on Microsoft Dynamics, but also an analysis of client’s business processes and IT-infrastructures, selection and implementation of IT-solutions in order to increase productivity, reduce costs, accelerate business -processes and make tactical and strategic decisions by management.

High qualification of our stuff, combined with an individual approach to the clients give us a unique competitive advantage in each project.

Mindcore company provides services in the following fields

Support for foreign companies

Company’s specialists have a full range of services related to the adaptation of the solutions for the foreign companies, taking into account the requirements of Russian legislation and the specifics of the Russian business. Read more…

Business analysis

We offer services for business process analysis and business in general, allowing to identify “bottlenecks” and additional reserves of the enterprise development. Read more…

Creating effective accounting models

Mindcore specializes in creating effective modelsofaccounting and implementation of information systems not only in Russian, but in international companies as well. Read more…

The implementation of enterprise management systems

Mindcore offers projects OF the implementation of complex enterprise management systems to optimize decision-making mechanisms. These actions help to reduce costs and increase the profits of the enterprise. Read more…

Enterprise management systems maintenance

As part of services in support of enterprise management systems, experts of Mindcore perform complex jobs, providing continuity of service, constant development and improvement of the information system.Read more…

User training

Within a scope ofimplementation projects of the information system, our company performs a series of training programs for users in the form of individual and group training as well as workshops based on the real practice of corporate information systems. Read more…

Creating effective IT-infrastructures

In order to build an effective IT infrastructure, company Mindcore provides services in the following fields: design, supply, installation, implementation, maintenance of server hardware and equipment information systems. Read more…

The specificity of our approach for building relationships with customers is an integrated method of the implementation of projects by automating their business. We know how to be a reliable partner for many years of fruitful cooperation.

Use the best international practices and deep expertise in solving your problems with the company Mindcore!

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