The successful implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV in DLF TRIFOLIUM company





Production and sale of grass seeds and clovers


August 2012 – Present time

Products and solutions:


DLF TRIFOLIUM – one of the world leaders in breeding programs and seed production of cold-season herbs and clover. The company occupies about 20% of the total supply volume of herbs for feed use (in agriculture) and lawn grasses, both for the professional and consumer markets.
Commercial initiatives of the company are supported by effective production and the most optimal logistics functions. High quality of products is confirmed the Danish and Russian accredited laboratories.

The situation

DLF – an international company with an extensive network of offices and subsidiaries in different countries, including the Russian Federation. This is why, for the standardization of accounting functions and management reporting there are a number of corporate requirements in the company, under which, regardless of the geographic location of the subsidiary, different types of financial accounting must be carried out in a unified information system.

In accordance with this corporate requirement in August 2012 the Russian subsidiary has formed a work group and started the project on implementation of unified accounting policy and accounting functions automation based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Mindcore was chosen as a general contractor for the project.


All tasks within the project had been resolved in a timely manner and for that, we express deep gratitude to the Mindcore project team.

Elena Volkova, Chief Accountant

The solution

At the beginning of the project, the very process of accounting in the Russian subsidiary raised certain difficulties. Accounting was conducted in unadapted Microsoft Dynamics NAV system. There was no separation of accounting standards on Russian and Danish legislation.

In addition, there was no separation on the managerial and financial accounting, which further complicated the perception of financial information and the correct data transfer process into the new system. Therefore, the decision was made to invite the professional auditors in the project team, who in parallel with the implementation of a new information system were engaged in accounting restoration.

During the project, the entire complex of tasks was divided into several stages, within which was required to implement the following modules into Microsoft Dynamics NAV system:

  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Purchases
  • Warehouse

At the first stage we formed system requirements and executed system presetting (imported Microsoft updates, created the basic settings, as well as made some necessary modifications).

The second stage, Microsoft Dynamics Nav implementation itself, comprised installation and system configuration at the workplaces.

At this stage, we performed following actions:

  • Configured chart of accounts in accordance with Russian and international standards.
  • Configured the settings needed for the correct accounting of fixed assets, created print forms, created possibility to generate reports on transport tax and the real estate tax automatically, as well as the option to export reports to XML format for transfer to supervisory authorities via the Internet.
  • Automated module of sales and purchasing, considering peculiarities of working with VAT, depending on the types of operations.
  • Configured accounting for foreign exchange transactions.
  • Automated tax agent functions.
  • Implemented the possibility to import information on employees’ payroll from 1C.
  • Configured the bank operations importing.
  • Customized forms for profit tax.
  • Implemented corporate reporting in accordance with the requirements of the parent company.

As a result of the work done during the second phase we implemented and configured functional (finance, sales, purchasing, warehouse) required for correct display and accounting of business results in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

At the third stage the information system has been put into trial, and then commercial operation, and also we conducted training of employees to work with this information system. One of the features of teaching DLF company personnel was adaptation of Russian accountant mentality to the peculiarities of international information systems and bookkeeping in it.

If we look at the project in terms of the specifics, then, perhaps, the hallmark, and at the same time, small difficulty of the project was the simultaneous launch of the system and the reconstruction of accounting, including the transfer of existing data. However, despite all the difficulties, the project was carried out in just 4 months.

As a result of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation in DLF company the following objectives we achieved:

  • All the main business processes were automated on the basis of unified accounting system considering the internal features of the activities.
  • Data from previous periods transferred in the new system, and all reports are now generate correctly.
  • The set of required corporate reporting is implemented in accordance with the requirements of the parent company.
  • Considered as fully as possible peculiarities of transactions accounting, associated with export and import of products, to comply with Russian legal requirements.
  • Integrated the system with client-bank.
  • The system was adapted to the peculiarities of Russian accounting.
  • Today we can confidently argue that the information system is functioning correctly carrying out it’s functions.

The development

Currently, Mindcore continues cooperation with DLF, performing support, under which we solve current problems of the client, perform the system development and provide a versatile advice. In the future, we consider a transition to a new version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform.

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