Implementation of warehouse management solution in the YKK company





production and development of zippers


March 2013 – May 2013

Products and Solutions:

GOODS and 1C

YKK Group – a multinational corporation which brings together 115 companies in 60 countries. YKK Group – a world leader in the production of zippers and buckles. It controls half of the zippers world market. All the world’s leading manufacturers of clothing, including Levi’s, Mustang, Wrangler, Lee and others are working in collaboration with the company.

Today the assortment of YKK company includes wonderful technological and modern solutions in the area of fixation made of metal and synthetic materials such as zippers, Velcro, products from textiles and synthetic materials (tapes, cords, cord enders, retainers and buckles – clasps).

The situation

Mindcore company, IT consulting provider, in collaboration with its partner, ” ЦШК Гексагон” has implemented solution, which allows YKK employees manage the warehouse more effectively and at the same time eliminate the existing problems. The task was to integrate “Mobile marking” module (Software – «Goods», ЦШК Гексагон) in 1C system used by YKK.

YKK’s need for modernization of the work with the warehouse consisted in proper planning, absence of data discrepancies in the accounting system and the real situation at the warehouse. Moreover, since the YKK product range is so large and varied the inventory process and marking the “old way” took too much time and human resources.


Implementation of warehouse managing solution made it possible to bring inventory control on a new level and make it more transparent, and all processes became more manageable.

Maria Ivanovna, Chief Economist

The solution

Implementation of warehouse management solution was carried out in stages. The result of each stage was the real effect on the customer’s business.

At the first and main stage, we unloaded the nomenclature directory from 1C to Goods software after installation of terminal and software at the enterprise. Next, each item was assigned with a unique barcode, which required conversion of the existing 1C accounting system.

Completion of the first stage allowed YKK to:

  • carry out extremely accurate accounting of goods in a warehouse;
  • considerably reduce the time of the inventory;
  • avoid mistakes in delivery, related to the human factor (at the stage of ordering all the goods were checked by the terminal);
  • free up human resources;
  • reduce costs in general.

After solving the main implementation problem, we made possible shipment by the piece. This is required when a part of the goods is shipped out of the package. Problem of such goods accounting arises because only a package is marked with a bar code. This problem is solved with use of specialized mobile printer by the warehouse staff. Initially the goods package bar code is read by the terminal, and then a mobile printer prints the label for the new package or a single item.

The development

Today Mindcore company provides its services on support and development of information system for YKK, within which solves the current problems of the client.

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