Pharmaceutical industry automation

Efficient management in pharmaceutical business is a rather difficult task for any leader, because the industry is characterized as a highly competitive, significantly influenced by a strict regulation system and price capping by state authorities.

Almost every pharmaceutical company needs a flexible tool that allows significantly simplify the management process both in individual sections and activity of the whole enterprise.

Our company provides complex solutions designed especially for the pharmaceutical industry.Our solutions are developed on the basis of the most well-known software platform from Microsoft, the world leader in IT sphere.

Our comprehensive solutions for pharmaceutical companies – is an advanced instrument of enterprise automation management, allowing to increase the production costscalculationaccuracy, to optimize inventory and logistics processes, to analyze activities of the company in various aspects, to make long-term plans and to achieve strategic goals.

Many of both domestic and international companies entrust their key business processes to Mindcore solutions:

  • Production management.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Pharmaceutical products quality control.
  • Sales and customer relations management.

Pharmaceutical industry automation – helped many companies reduce terms of production, to reduce costs, to simplify thedocumentationand approval procedure in accordance with international standards.

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