Mindcore and Microsoft Dynamics NAV at the service of the Russian smartphone industry

The Yota Devices company has chosen Mindcore for optimization and development of Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions. The main purpose of this cooperation is to bring the financial analysis in accordance with growing needs of the Russian company.

New level of Project Management

Mindcore Consultants and Project Managers participated in a corporate training “Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step (MDSS) methodology». The purpose of this training was to increase the quality of services of Microsoft Dynamics Products implementation.

Mindcore automates paying and non-paying customer notification

Mindcore developers set up automatic notifications in Mindcore’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV system, which helps us to monitor the scheduled payments for services. Letters with suitable texts are sent to every client: a prompt payers and debtors.


Invoice OCR in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Mindcore company one of the first begins to actively test the new functionality – optical character reading of the “paper” invoices. This service is supported by the Lexmark company, and is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016. Functionality allows to recognize the documents of the most common formats: PDF, JPG, PNG. “This month Mindcore […]

The integration of NAV with Kontur.Diadok: It’s easy and saves money

Mindcore company has integrated Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Kontur.Diadok, service for the electronic documents exchange. The solution allows users to share accounting documents with contractors in an instant. Shipping costs are thus reduced by 10 times, let alone loss of nerve cells is reduced greatly.

Kontur.Fokus integration made possible by Mindcore

Mindcore company and Kontur.Fokus became partners while working on integration of Kontur.Fokus services (automatically providing information on the contractors from the Federal Register) with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Now the company which implemented Microsoft Dynamics NAV could simplify and speed up the work of employees with automated detailed search of contractor’s information in electronic Federal Register. […]

Mindcore contributes to the stability of the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

During Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 testing Mindcore experts have identified five significant errors in the accounting system. And recently, the first fix from Microsoft was obtained.

In March 2016 Mindcore started the project of automation of Seven Refractories company in Russia. Since the main office in Slovenia has already been implemented with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the company has opted for the same system. However, during the implementation testing Mindcore experts identified errors in such sought-after features like the declaration of goods, registration of contracts with customers and suppliers, printing standard forms (TORG-12) and tax accounting.


Mindcore teaches Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 voice commands

Modern ERP are becoming increasingly similar to the usual user applications. From mind boggling complex systems with extremely convoluted interface and control, they are becoming a convenient and user-friendly tool, where everything is clear, and familiar for the end user. Therefore, users can focus on their work and master the necessary skills to work with the system more quickly. Another step towards more friendly NAV user experience is a new Mindcore development: Voice Control for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016.

Mindcore expert tastes the Madeira: Mikhail Timoshin talks about new Microsoft Dynamics product

Microsoft continues to acquaint us with the World geography and this time offers to taste and evaluate Madeira. For those who have forgotten the naming rules of Microsoft’s new products it’s not only the Portugal island, the place of birth of Cristiano Ronaldo, but the working title of the upcoming version of NAV.

The “Uberization” of support services: Mindcore introduces new opportunities for Dynamics users in Russia

Mindcore introduces to the Russian and CIS market the new service Online Dynamics Support (development Jakobsen Consulting, UK) – online support to users across the Microsoft Dynamics line of products with per-minute billing. In addition to the “classical” channels of support, customers can receive immediate professional assistance of experts at any time of day, including weekends and holidays. The reaction to the problems and questions from the clients that need to be addressed is instantaneous, no need to wait.

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