Qualitative users training – the key to effective use of the system


High quality of training the staff of working with the system reduces the payback period of investment in information technology. The acquisition of a powerful and functional solution will be effective only when the end user has the skills to use the system in its entirety.

Denis Ivanov, CEO

The ability to quickly acquire new knowledge and information – a key competitive advantage of any company and the basis for business development. By purchasing information system, each company assigns it to solving a particular set of problems, but in the absence of skilled users, the system may be ineffective.

Therefore, high-quality training of users and project team members, increases the efficiency of the a new information system implementation and facilitate its further operation. But the optimally organized learning process is the key to reduce the payback period of investment in the corporate information system./p>

Have your employees enough knowledge of the information systems functionality on the Microsoft platform? Have you switched to a new corporate information system and need more knowledge?

Mindcore offers a variety of both individual and group training and also seminars based on the real practice of corporate information systems implementation.

In addition to the official Microsoft training courses, we also offer full-time 1C training programs, by attending courses at the Mindcore training center or in online format (webinars).

Moreover, any organization in order to improve the skills of their employees can send them to study at Microsoft corporate training or 1C corporate training, that take place in our training center. The main advantage of these courses is the flexibility of educational programs designed according specifics of a particular company and the implementation of certain projects and a convenient class schedule in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

Standard usage training of implemented corporate systems

Training is provided on a standard functionality or the development environment of corporate information systems. As a basis for training program are taken authorized software vendor’s courses

Training in order to achieve the objectives of financial management

The training considering options for the practical realization of various financial management tasks: the Russian bookkeeping and tax accounting, the formation of accounting according to IFRS and US GAAP, management accounting, budgeting, etc…

Individual training programs for customers

Our specialists will develop for you the individual program of training, considering characteristics of your company industry. The conditions of training are agreed individually.

A few advantages that customers get during the training projects:

  • По результатам курсов пользователи получают глубокие знания и навыки работы в информационной системе.
  • Наш центр обучения является сертифицированным партнером компании Microsoft.
  • Главное преимущество наших тренингов и семинаров – их практическая направленность.

Learn about the advantages of working with Mindcore!

  • Our training center has professional resources and exclusive manuals.
  • The training is conducted by certified trainers (MST), the experts in the enterprise automation in different industries, with considerable practical experience in information systems implementation in the Russian and international companies.
  • The main advantage of our trainings and workshops – their practical orientation.
  • Mindcore Training Center is equipped with everything needed in order to course visitors feel comfortable, be able to ignore the daily tasks and concentrate on acquiring new knowledge.
  • Training can be conducted in a specialized training center or the users’ workplace.
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