Microsoft Software Licensing

Software Licensing – the pledge of your IT infrastructure stable performance


Realizing the projects for Microsoft software licensing, we primarily protect your organization from many risks, increasing its market value and investment appeal.

Denis Ivanov, CEO

Mindcore consulting company is a certified partner in the area of Microsoft software licensing. We help our clients choose the best option for licensing Microsoft software for any user, whether it is a small private company or a huge corporation.

Based on my own project experience, we can say with confidence that the licensing of Microsoft software is the basis for effective planning of IT-expenses enterprise. Since the use of licensed software allows you to build a more precise business processes, eliminate failures and downtime, eliminate overpayment for unnecessary software and hardware, and free up some of the IT staff to use their resources in other activities.

We have deep expertise in the management of software tools and in our activities we use the internationally acknowledged concept – Software Asset Management (SAM). SAM concept allows to estimate expenses and effectively manage the procurement of software in general at all stages of the enterprise life cycle.

Depending on what number of jobs you need to provide with software products, we will select the most appropriate package and the licensing scheme. In addition, license management policy offered by us allows you to add additional options to the agreement, such as support and maintenance, delivery of software updates, etc.

  • to Head of IT department – this is one of the key management tools in the area of software usage policy.
  • to Security Service and the lawyers – reducing the risks for data protection and legal risks.
  • to CFO – transparent budgeting processes.
  • to The head of the company – improving business efficiency and reducing business risk.
  • Centralized management of the procurement process and software management, and as a result, economy of the company money resources.
  • Actual information about which software is used, how many licenses and for how long does the company have.
  • Full control over the use of the company software, that required considering the real needs of the business.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.

Advantages of working with Mindcore

  • Reduced costs for the purchase software – both due to discounts on well-planned wholesale purchases, and by reducing the total volume of purchases by optimization licensing schemes and re-use of licenses.
  • Optimization of budgeting and spending on software asset management through proper implementation of license management and reduced support costs.
  • Unbiased IT budget planning, confidence in your own IT infrastructure, its productivity, reliability, security and legality.

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