Hotel business management

The desire of owners to provide services more promptly, at the lowest possible overhead expenses, higher level of service and to monitor the effectiveness of the entire hotel complex – the main argument in favor of the hotel business complex automation.

There are special requirements to software products, the key one is the ability to interact with the software products from various vendors.

Mindcore company, your partner in the automation of the hotel business, offers comprehensive solutions that combine open to adaptation ERP-system and a powerful industrial functionality.

The solutions offered by Mindcore, support specific to the Russian market features hotel business, namely the settlement of visitors to the places advance payment for accommodation, features of bookkeeping and taxation, regulatory reporting in accordance with Russian and international standards, etc.

Regardless of pursued goals – implementation of a complex automated system for hotel management or automation of a single site – Mindcore offers you the best tools to achieve high results.

The use solutions offered by Mindcore, surely will help to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Create a complex system that unites all the basic processes of the hotel complex: booking, accommodation and eviction, maintaining a guests database, the hotel internal resources management, maintaining parallel accounting, management and tax accounting in a single information system.
  • Raise the level of customer service quality.
  • Reduce hours used by employees to perform daily activities, including the exchange of information between employees.
  • Improve control over all components of a hotel complex.

The company’s specialists have extensive experience in enterprise automation in various industries on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, so they know almost everything about this accounting system.

Br free to contact us, we would be pleased to carry out a presentation about our solutions for you, and share cunnings of the complex hotel management automation in order to achieve the best results.

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