Fashion industry solutions

The main task of the companies working in the fashion industry – is to meet the demand of capricious and demanding customers. In a rapidly changing fashion trends and seasonality, particularly important task for the fashion-company becomes the proper organization of all business processes, from planning the assortment to the sales of finished products.

Building on the considerable project experience, Mindcore has developed integrated solutions that enable fashion companies to respond quickly to any changes in current trends. Our solutions are created on the basis of the most popular ERP-system from Microsoft, they fully comply with all the requirements of clients to business automation systems and take into account the specific characteristics of the fashion industry. We will help you to optimize all processes in the company and ensure the growth of the return on investment (ROI) index.

The use of solutions offered by Mindcore assures solving the following tasks:

  • Fast organization of a single information space for all departments without superfluous expenses. You will be able, in the shortest terms, to organize your sales management, purchasing, pricing and movement of goods in all geographically disparate business units.
  • Planning and management of assortment. You will be able to accurately plan and forecast the assortment of production in which model is which season will be in vogue. Now, your products will always be in trend.
  • Efficient organization of logistics processes. Now you can be sure that the customer in any store of your network will find the right size and color pattern of clothing or footwear.
  • Resale management. You do not have make much effort to and or spend a lot of time to track down already completed and delayed orders.
  • Organization and management of marketing campaigns and loyalty programs. You will always own the relevant information about the interests and needs of your customers, create marketing campaigns to stimulate the commission of new purchases and generate positive shopping emotions.
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