Enterprise management systems maintenance

Reliable operation and consistent development of your system capabilities!


We strive to work so that the client feel comfortable to interact with the system, even if he sees it for the first time. Our main goal – is to help the user to quickly and easily avail the necessary functionality of the product.

Ilya Kolosov, Head of Technical Support

Any a successful enterprise is similar to a harmonious clockwork, which stability is ensured by an effective system of enterprise management.The information system is a key tool for conducting business and the main source of information needed to make sound administrative decisions. Therefore, for its successful functioning and implementation it’s mandated tasks there is a need of duly and qualitative maintenance.

Maintenance of ERP systems guarantees the preservation of the client company investment in IT as it is constantly evolving, being improved and actualized. There is no necessity for the client to implement a new system due to the obsolescence of the existing one.

Mindcore offers its clients complex support services and maintenance as well asERP systems development and upgrading.Our specialists help clients on issues related to the operation, version update, expansion of functionality and solutions replication based on world-renowned platform like Microsoft, SAP and 1C.

Mindcore has smoothly running supporting and maintenance methodology and years of experience in enterprise information management systems, which allows to swiftly and efficiently solve clients’ problems.Moreover, the entire range of services is carried out in accordance with international standards of software products technical support and individual requirements of each client.

We pay particular attention to constant development and improvement of our specialists’skills. We regularly carry out training and analysis of recently completed projects in order to ensure client systems security and a maximum productivity.

Enterprise management information system configuring.

We perform system settings configuration, and also carry out access rights adjustment, enabling to allocate to users’ authority.

System update

Mindcore specialists conduct set of works on service packs and new versions of thesoftware installing./accordion]

System revision

According to the clients’ needs and assigned tasks revisionand functionality extensionis carried out. Also there is a possibility to revision separate modules of information system.

User training

Mindcore specialists provide information systemsfunctionality and features training for users. Training is conducted both in groups and individually, depending upon the needs of the client company.

The consistent system development

Development of the enterprise management system is planned and implemented on the basis of business problems customers. Within the development project framework the revision of functionality is carried out according to the company’s needs, as well as transition to the new product versions.

Heightening of the system productivity

Our specialists implement a set measures aimed onthesystem performance optimization, both at hardware and software levels, according to the information systemneeds.

Several advantages that our clients get in the course of enterprise management system maintenance:

  • Minimization oftechnical problems.
  • Information systemhigh performance maintaining.
  • Constant management systems development and improvement.
  • Stable companyoperation, which ensuredby smooth systemsoperation.
  • Software ownershiptotal cost reduction.

Discover the advantages of working with Mindcore!

  • Training is conducted by qualified personnel,enterprisesautomation experts working with companies fromthe various industries, who have extensive practical experience of the information systems implementation both in the Russian and international companies.
  • Mindcore is the official partner with Microsoft, the leading developer of business automation solutions.
  • High service standardsand a high quality information systemmaintenance is ensured by SLA agreement.
  • Our main goal is to provide clients with convenience, simplicity and intuitiveness of interaction with our solutions, thus allowing them to focus on core business processes.
  • We offer our clients complex service not just an information system maintenance.
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