Creating an effective IT infrastructure

Efficient, reliable IT infrastructure – a driving force of your business


In just a few years of successful practice in various projects for the construction of management accounting systems, we got a unique experience, developed several proven methodological solutions and assembled one of the finest project teams in the industry.

Alexei Ivanov, Technical Director

Creating an effective IT infrastructure is one of the most important things among the whole arsenal of tools necessary for a successful business. It includes all the IT assets of the company, from network cable, personal computers, corporate e-mail and ending with the data center.

Secure and is able to quickly adapt IT infrastructure gives businesses a competitive advantage – it allows you to implement swiftly new services, increase capacity, and change flexibly according to changes in market situation.

As the basis for the deployment of intra-communication, collaboration tools, IT infrastructure determines the speed of reaction of the company to market changes, and also makes it possible to establish a process of interaction with customers, suppliers and contractors. Also one of its most important elements is control over the spreading of corporate information and its protection.

To create an effective IT infrastructure Mindcore uses technical solutions based on the latest achievements in networking, communications and computer technology that completely satisfy the most demanding requirements manageability, scalability and fault tolerance.

As part of building an effective IT infrastructure Mindcore performs the following services: design, supply, installation, implementation, maintenance of services and information systems equipment.

Traditional networks and servers

Complex projects related to the construction of a corporate network, include:

  • Creating a local data networks.
  • Implementation of corporate communication and collaboration tools.
  • Create storage, backup, protection, sharing and data management systems.
  • Implementation and support of software.

The use of this approach allows the customer to significantly reduce cost of the IT infrastructure ownership.

Cloud technologies and virtualization systems

Cloud technologies – storage environment and information processing, which combines licensed software, hardware, communication channels and technical support to users.
The advantages of using cloud technologies:

  • Reduction of costs deployment and IT infrastructure scalability;
  • Absence of purchase, install, support IT systems necessity;
  • Reliability and security;
  • Access around the clock and from any device;
  • Qualified support and consulting.

Heightening of productivity and system effectiveness

Performance optimization of the automated enterprise management system both at technical and the software levels and improving its performance. As a result, query execution time decrease and user productivity grow.

Learn about the advantages of working with Mindcore!

  • Mindcore approach to establishing an effective IT infrastructure is primarily determined by the needs of a particular customer, based on the prospects of development.
  • We have more than 5 years of experience in project implementation, so we use only proven solutions and practices.
  • By creating a corporate information system, we attach great importance to the integration of solutions and providing our customers with the most innovative services based on open standards and products of the world’s leading suppliers.
  • For many years, we closely cooperate with international vendors such as Microsoft, SAP, and others.
  • A coordinated team of professionals led by an experienced specialist is involved in each project.
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