Project management at all stages of construction, rapid assessment of key performance indicators, minimizing financial risks – all this is possible with the use of complex Mindcore solutions.

Based on years of project experience, our experts have developed a solution based on a flexible Microsoft platform, considering specific features of construction companies. Automation of the construction industry – optimizes business processes, eliminates discrepancies in the calculations and the deviations from the defined parameters, thus minimizing the financial risks inherent to construction business.

You will get a powerful tool that provides automation of financial and business activities of your enterprise.

Our solutions for the construction industry will help you in the following tasks:

  • Organization of effective cooperation between all units and sub-contractors in a single information environment.
  • Consolidated costs accounting for all geographically scattered units.
  • Automation of management accounting.
  • Keeping records of contracts with counterparties.
  • Activities planning in all areas, and continuous monitoring of the business.

Take informed decisions with the help of Mindcore complex products!

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