Business cases

Both in domestic and international markets Mindcore represents the leading expertise in the development and implementation of ERP-solutions based on platforms of worldwide-known vendors such as Microsoft, SAP, etc.

Management consulting experience and many years of implementation of projects related to the automation ofthe business processes of different enterprises in various industries enables us to deeply understand the specifics of the business and find a comprehensive solution for our customers. Our staff is formed of professionals in different areas: financial management, sales and marketing, purchasing and storage, production, personnel and wages, etc.

Core competencies of Mindcore:

Human Resource Accounting

  • Personnel information
  • Payroll
  • HR-functions (staff development)


  • Mutual settlements with suppliers
  • Financial and tax reporting

Accounting and production planning

  • Capacity Planning Production
  • Cost Calculation
  • Requirement calculation for raw materials
  • Normative documentation accounting

Management Accounting

  • Budgeting
  • Management reporting and analysis
  • Cost accounting and cost optimization of the enterprise

Warehouse logistics and accounting

  • Optimization of loading warehouse
  • An inventory of the warehouse

Implementation of CRM-solutions

  • Automation sales

The uniqueness of our approach of building relationships with customers is an integrated method of the implementation of projects to automate their business. We do know how to be a reliable partner for many years of the efficient collaboration.

Use the best international practices and expertise to find solutions for your problems with Mindcore!

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