Business analysis – Look at your business at unpredictable angles!


By performing projects for business analysis, first of all we define the strategic objectives and develop a detailed plan to achieve them. Our solutions for business process management focused on supporting strategic projects and the improvement of business management.

Denis Ivanov, CEO

The rapid development of market relations is accompanied by increased competition, business models become more complex, any information – are available, and the sources of its more numerous. Under these circumstances most companies require an analysis of key business processes and business in general, in order to identify “bottlenecks” and the development of additional reserves.

Mindcore provides services to analyze business processes taking place in the company, as well as the client’s business as a whole. In this case, the business analysis is one of the most effective mechanisms to obtain comprehensive, expanded information on the state of affairs in the company. It can be integrated as a component of a project to automate the activities of the company and as an independent consulting projects which does not imply subsequent automation.

Any project related to the implementation of a new enterprise automation system or aiming at the modernization of the existing one, is based on an analysis of internal business processes. In this case, business analysis often is a component of the complex automation project.

But there are situations when the client is not interested in radical change in the system, and seeks only to change the approach in a separate unit. In this case Mindcore acts as a consultant, whose services are aiming at profound study of the problem areas and provide a set of recommendations.

Business analysis of a company is designed to increase the transparency of business processes, improve the manageability of business and to minimize risks during the automation activity. In addition, it allows to improve the current management system of the company, and to identify the hidden potential for further development.

The way how specialists Mindcore perform projects on enterprise business analysis:

  • At first, the necessary information for the analysis of business processes is collected, interviews with executives and key persons of the company are carried out, as well as documentation analysis.
  • A detailed description of the business processes in order to clarify the scheme, identify weaknesses, and to assess their performance in general.
  • On the basis of the analysis we create the list of recommendations to normalize and improve the performance of both individual unit and the company as a whole.
  • The ability to prevent a repetition of certain operations and defects in the work of employees.
  • Reduce the process costs.
  • Possibility to assess the productivity of both individual employees and departments.
  • Establishing a knowledge base containing methods and algorithms.
  • Regulation of business processes.
  • Reducing the time spent on the solution of standard problems.
  • Increased transparency and control over activities.
  • Improving the efficiency of the whole enterprise.

Advantages of working with Mindcore:

  • In our work we use the most effective and progressive methods of business analysis to significantly improve the efficiency of the client’s business.
  • Significant experience in implementation both in consulting projects and projects related to automation, allows us to offer turnkey solutions for enterprises of various sectors of the economy.
  • Our specialists have a wide range of tools and technologies that enable as fully as possible consider the specifics of the company and offer the most rational decisions and recommendations.
  • Mindcore is a small, flexible, dynamic company, able to react quickly and adjust to changes in market and client’s needs.
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