XML DEM is now faster than ever

Mindcore Company has released an updated version of XML DEM (XML – Data Exchange Manager) with increased operations upload speed.

XML DEM is an official addon solution to exchange data between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and any program that supports the import and export of data in XML format, like, 1C. In the updated version exporting algorithm has been redesigned for the new platform with role-based interface (version NAV 2013-2016), in addition, the code was rewritten in .NET. As a result, the speed of export and import of data has increased several times.

Statistics of XML DEM use shows that the solution interests primarily foreign companies with offices in Russia. It allows to use an international Microsoft Dynamics NAV functionality for business management, but at the same time prepare the Russian statutory reporting in other accounting systems (for example, 1C: Accounting popular in Russia).

In 2016 Mindcore company already runs several large projects on implementation of the updated version of XML DEM. Add-on is also available for Mindcore partners. Thus, Incadea company, a provider of IT-solutions for the automotive industry, has already carried out about 50 implementations of XML-DEM.

«XML-DEM popularity is growing, and together with it grow up requirements for the solution itself, – tells Ilya Kolosov, the director of Microsoft Dynamics NAV practice at Mindcore. – Our developers are constantly improving it, and since 2016 we start to regularly inform customers about changes. Also we introduce a new option for the subscription XML-DEM – for a fixed fee customers receive updates automatically. »

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