To each their own. New NAV interface tayloring service.

Standard solutions are designed for a wide range of customers and include the feature set that isn’t tailored to specific need of a particular client. It doesn’t take into account the individual characteristics and needs of each company – for some there is too much functionality on the screen, for some there is not enough.

That’s why Mindcore began offering customers services of adapting interface and “visible functionality” of Microsoft Dynamics NAV to our clients.

Generally, users are always trying to adapt to the peculiarities of standard solution’s interface. Surely they aren’t always happy while doing so. It leads to even simple operations taking too long because of the annoying little things that have to be taken into account. Of course, to fully redesign user interface is a long and expensive process. However, one can enhance the user experience by small changes.

As part of the adaptation process Mindcore experts are studying the whole picture (by studying the solution itself and interviewing the end users). Their task is to identify the most problematic areas that take the most time to “work through”. During the interview, end-users tell us what processes are the most time consuming and intensive, and our experts analyze the data and look for the most rational ways to improve the system. Then the technical specifications are sent to the developers. As a result, the client receives a user-friendly solution.

“Of course, not every field and every button that is collected in the standard solution answers the client’s needs, – tells the business development manager in Mindcore Ilya Kariakin. – For example, executing a sales order can be made much easier by removing the extra fields in the tables. As a result, labor costs are reduced significantly. In addition to the adapted interface Microsoft Dynamics NAV that saves time, training new employees is faster and easier with easier interface, so they start work productively earlier to benefit the company.”

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