Microsoft + Lexmark Alliance has been established: OCR in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The joint efforts of Microsoft Dynamics team and Lexmark delivered the Document Recognition functionality for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016. As of today it is brought if not to perfection (unfortunately, nothing to compare with), but certainly to a level quite comfortable to work with. We happily observe a new trend in Dynamics products evolution: useful initiatives we can remember from long NAV history no longer stay in the kindergarten stage, they’re growing and some of them are becoming really useful and hard to live without. Lexmark Document recognition is one of them.

Let me remind you the typical scenario for this service: supplier’s invoice file (image or PDF) is sent to OCR web-service by means of NAV or simply by an e-mail. Service “digests” it and quickly returns the resulting document in the text format (XML) back into NAV. NAV then creates the purchase bill.

It is remarkable that in the process of working with OCR, service can be “trained” to recognize different formats from each supplier. The learning procedure however requires the user participation. Luckily the participation is kept to a minimal: it is sufficient to confirm or suggest areas of document that raise questions.

And of course the service is able now to “digest” multi-page documents. Lines of products in a printed document are fully translated into a similar product lines of goods in NAV.

“Oh, this is marvelous – accountant says. – What a piece of technology! “. “But why should I use it? I’m not going to lay off anyone, and recognition service is charged extra”. In other words, for whom this new wonderful opportunity can be useful? Let’s try to answer this question:

1. For those who think that the introduction of the documents to the system by hand is a low-skilled labor, which, however, takes up much of the time of a skilled accountant.
2. For those who have delegated accounting to a third party and are forced to pay for the number of documents enetred or hours spent.
3. For dynamic, mobile companies, in which documents are done by hands of one person – f.e. the owner of the business.
4. Finally, for those who have an understandable desire to continue developing this service for themselves and employ automatic recognition of not just “paper” invoices, but also of commercial offers, price lists.
Mindcore already enjoys it, and we can teach you to enjoy it as well!

Mikhail Timoshin, Mindcore Senior Consultant.

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