Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016: what’s new? Part 3.

Mindcore company completes the series of publications about updates in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, however, all the fun just begins. Mindcore consultant Mikhail Timoshin talks about «novelties of the season».

Document turnover in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

Hot novelty – Microsoft Dynamics NAV now has its own document turnover beginning from the scan to the electronic document! Configured document movement routes for employees, creation of documents based on scan, incoming e-mail or even OCR (optical character recognition) via Lexmark service to automatically create a bill. This, In my opinion, is very promising functionality.

NAV 2016 + CRM Online = love

The native integration of Microsoft NAV 2016 and Microsoft CRM Online – is a continuation of started quite a while ago history of the integration between two large systems. To be honest, I’ve never met in Russia a tandem of this two fairly expensive systems.
But now, because Microsoft CRM Online is offered on a subscription model, and does not require a single serious investment, the simple integration is a strong argument in favor of trying it.
Especially because integration itself starts really easy. There are, of course, some roughness, for example, during processing local currency (CRM does not allow the currency code “Empty”), but I think that the next update will fix it.

BI Energy for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 (about the integration with Power BI)

And for dessert. Microsoft Dynamics NAV could never boast of having a convenient and flexible system of analytical reporting. I think this is the Achilles heel of many ERP systems, no wonder there is a separate class of analytical reporting systems – BI. Not so long ago, Microsoft launched a cloud service Power BI, and now it is possible to connect it to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016. Data is transferred between systems over a secure channel automatically. Excellent visualization, instant response – well, what else you need!

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