Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016: what’s new? Part 2

Mindcore company continues to share expertise on updates to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016. The new topic, which is covered by Michael Timoshin (Mindcore consultant): «Microsoft polishes the platform».

“From the abacus to the computer – 2” or universal client for all platforms

Web-client to work with the system on virtually any device with an internet browser could already be found in earlier versions of Microsft Dynamics NAV (starting with 2013, to be exact). But now a fully-fledged application was created for the three major mobile platforms: Android, iOS, Windows. After this much fewer people would carry on a business trip with a heavy laptop on their knees. The ability to have access to the system from every mobile device – is, of course, a godsend for those who are often on the road or “grew together” with their tablets.

Abandoning the hardware and the road to the cloud – about Azure benefits for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Once Microsoft’s desire to provide its customers not only with the operating system and business applications, but also with hardware materialized in the form of Azure service. Starting from version Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 the opportunity to place all server part in the Azure cloud service was available. However, at that time it required technical skills to play with PowerShell scripts. But now it is enough to select a virtual machine image from gallery Azure and after some 15 minutes without any worries you could get a remote access and run Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 in the cloud.

Once it seemed wild to hire freelance system administrator: what about trade secrets? Now, apparently, it came the turn to transfer server hardware, and the data itself into the caring hands of Microsoft. The advantages are obvious: no fixed assets (servers, storage, backup) which are necessary to maintain / update; You can almost instantly increase system capacity by simply changing the monthly plan.

A week later, read the continuation: Part 3. “Novelties of the season”

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