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The new 2016 began with a tax change. Mindcore consultants analyzed the changes in the reporting of the personal income tax, affecting employers and working citizens. All the improvements have already taken into account in the accounting systems of our clients.

Hardly had the fiscal year finished, and accountants already have more work to do: from January 1, 2016 was introduced a new 6-PIT form, which must be submitted on a quarterly basis. Thus, in the near April accountants will need to prepare a new report.

Unlike the form 2-PIT new reporting form 6-PIT is submitted not for each employee but for all employees in general. It will allow the tax office to see what PIT rate, the company accepts: 30%, 35% or 13%. Also reporting shows if foreign citizens work in the organization or not.

The new report is provided in electronic form. The exception is organizations with the number of employees less than 25 people: their calculations can be made in paper. As for the separate divisions, they must also file Form 6-PIT in their tax office.

Another important change, which came into force already on December 8, 2015: Accountants should form the information on physical person’s income 2-NFDL in a new format. As a rule, at the beginning of the year employees are actively siege the accounting department to prepare a form 2-PIT for all possible tax deductions.

All of these changes should be reflected in the accounting system because the failure to provide a quarterly report or document with false information is punished with penalties. In the first case – 1000 rubles for each full or partial month, in the second – 500 rubles for each wrong document.

“Even now, without waiting for the official updates from Microsoft, Mindcore experts work individually with each client to implement the innovations in terms of support for our clients, – commented Denis Ivanov, Mindcore CEO. – Thus, Microsoft Dynamics NAV users quickly get the appropriate system update. ”

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