New procedure for the exchange of electronic invoices

April 1, 2016 shall come into force a new procedure for the exchange of electronic invoices. According to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, the Ministry of Finance has eliminated the contradictions in the existing regulatory documents and has taken into account the format of the universal transfer document. The latter is a “hybrid” of the invoice and the requisites of the primary document. Its electronic format was developed by the Federal Tax Service and is awaiting approval from the Ministry of Justice.

Previous procedure for electronic invoices exchange contained terminology that has become irrelevant after the coming into the force of the law on electronic signatures. It featured “digital signature”, but organization signed electronic invoices with strengthened qualified electronic signature (QES). The new order clearly states that electronic invoices can be signed only with the QES.
The invoice generated by the seller does not require the signature from the counterparty. But universal transfer document (UTD) requires the signature of the recipient, if the parties intend to use it as a “primary document” for the transaction. New procedure allows the recipient to sign the UTD, after which the document is quite suitable for accounting the facts of economic activity and confirmation of profits tax expenses.

Now the buyer is obliged to check the authenticity of the electronic signature on the invoice. In particular, the name and initials of the signatory of the document must match with the owner of the QES certificate used for signing the invoice. Earlier this nuance was not established.

«We have already carried out a number of Microsoft Dynamics NAV integrations with DiaDoc system for electronic workflow with the counterparties, – says Olga Matrosova, Mindcore consultant and leading expert in the field of financial management. – In view of the new order entry into force, which makes the electronic exchange of documents more transparent, convenient and reliable, we recommend all customers to follow suit».

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