Mindcore teaches Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 voice commands

Modern ERP are becoming increasingly similar to the usual user applications. From mind boggling complex systems with extremely convoluted interface and control, they are becoming a convenient and user-friendly tool, where everything is clear, and familiar for the end user. Therefore, users can focus on their work and master the necessary skills to work with the system more quickly. Another step towards more friendly NAV user experience is a new Mindcore development: Voice Control for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016.

New developed functionality allows Microsoft Dynamics NAV to recognize “action” and “object” commands. The main actions are “open”, “execute”, “print”, “create” and “launch”. And the objects are “page”, “report”, “codeunit.” The voice command usually sounds like: “Open Page”, “print the report”, etc.

The user can see the list of voice commands, which, incidentally, also could be opened by voice command. This list could be adjusted and modified by the user if needed.
Voice command functionality developed by Mindcore is built on the principle of “Ok Google”. Only instead of the phrase “OK Google” you need to click “Run Command” and the “Speak …” message appears. The period of “NAV listening to you” can be changed, on average, it takes about 7 seconds. If the program has recognized the phrase, it will appear on the screen and then it will be executed. To stop the operation, you can click “Cancel” or it will stop automatically after a few seconds.

“Functionality is very user-friendly. Often, to find the page or desired tool, we have to use the manual search, – tells us a Mindcore leading developer Vadim Zholkewskiy. – In addition, the voice control is quite useful when the user has to perform some mundane actions in the system repeatedly. If you are used to voice control, it is unlikely that you will return to the manual commands, because it’s easier and faster. By the way, the new functionality is already widely used within our company. ”

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