Mindcore participated in the «Dimo 2014» forum

Company «Mindcore» took part in the annual «Dimo» forum – dedicated to the latest trends in the development of business solutions. The forum was held in the Congress Center of Lyon, France.

«Dimo 2014» forum – is a large-scale event dedicated to the latest trends and innovations in the development of business management solutions. This year’s «Dimo Maint» forum united in one place for more than 1,000 participants, about 60 partner companies and about 30 clients.

Mindcore participated in a forum with the aim of establishing partnership and agreement of intention to output «DimoMaint» software on the Russian market.

CMMS solutions of DimoMaint, have a number of advantages, among which are the ease of deployment and use, flexibility, scalability, and high-speed deployment. For example, the implementation of the decision “TOiR” on the basis of 1C is a complex, time-consuming and lengthy process, while the implementation of the solution of «DimoMaint» can occur within a few weeks.

An important result of participation in the forum for both parties was an agreement of return visit of the «DimoMaint» to Moscow for a partnership seminar. This event will be held in the mid-June and in accordance with “business breakfast” – formatlocated in the Mindcore scientific center. Also, it is planned to sign an agreement to present a number of decisions to the Russian market. «DimoMaint» solutions will be presented for the first time in Russia.

For reference:

Company «Dimo Maint» is the developer (the publisher), a distributor and integrator of CMMS that represents additional opportunities for ERP-systems.

«Dimo Maint» Software designed for small and medium-sized businesses in different fields.

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