Mindcore automates paying and non-paying customer notification

Mindcore developers set up automatic notifications in Mindcore’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV system, which helps us to monitor the scheduled payments for services. Letters with suitable texts are sent to every client: a prompt payers and debtors.

The system controls the flow of payments with information being received directly from Internet bank and sends the response letters of gratitude to the representative of the customer who paid the bill. If payment has expired, Microsoft Dynamics NAV forms a letter with a reminder of the debt. Reminders have several levels of “seriousness”. First one is a “Warning”, then the “second warning” and finally a “Notice of the suspension of services”.

Automatic notifications are controlled by responsible manager. Text reminders can be edited, deleted or added. You can also change other terms, such as frequency of distribution or the number of reminders.

Mindcore’s solution provides feedback that is convenient for all parties. The “gratitude letter” gives information to the customer that the payment went through. Automatic notification of late payment allows to spare the debtor from the unpleasant phone calls.

“Automatic notifications distribution is a very useful tool of accounts receivable control. Some clients are already interested in this service, – says Mindcore’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV Practice Director Ilya Kolosov. – It is a pity that is no customers who regularly pay all the bills among them, because they’ve seen only “gratitude letters”.

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