About company

Mindcore is a consulting company that brings together professionals in the field of financial management and implementation of information systems with a single purpose – to improve the effectiveness of our clients’ business.

Solutions we offer are designed to manage commercial activities and business processes; to build relations with clients and partners; to create effective strategies for enterprise development.


Consulting, development and implementation of organization’s management methodologies for both Russian and International Financial Accounting (IFRS, US GAAP). Development of systems for accounting management, budgeting, business process management and treasury.

Automation of the most complex areas of business management: strategic management, finance, production management, warehouse logistics and accounting, relationship management, human resources management. Implementation, development and support of information systems.

Establishment and development of effective IT-infrastructures, intra-net communications, groupware, portal solutions based on the latest achievements in network, communication and computer technology.

Key employees

Denis Ivanov
Denis Ivanov Сhief executive
Denis Ivanov

As Mindcore’s CEO, Denis is engaged in strategic business development, creates a warm, long-term relations with clients, responsible for the daily operations of the company and directly involved in the most challenging projects for the implementation of information systems. In 1994 he graduated from "Moscow State Technical University of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation" specialty "Software Engineering" and in 1998 " Plekhanov’s Russian Economic University" specialty "Economics, Finance and Credit". From 1999 to 2008, he held various positions in the international consulting company Columbus IT. In 2008, he founded his own company Mindcore.

Gregory Sotsky
Gregory Sotsky Head of the Development department
Gregory Sotsky

Gregory heads the Development department in Mindcore for over three years. He takes an active part in projects for the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics software, he also engaged in development of integration solutions. Gregory is a professional with large practical experience. He held executive positions in a number of well-known Russian IT companies before Mindcore. Colleagues point out many positive personal qualities, including responsiveness, desire to plungecompletely into issue, ability to make quick, accurate, and the most rational decisions.

Alexey Ivanov
Alexey Ivanov Technical Director
Alexey Ivanov

Technical Director - «Golden Hands» of Mindcore. Before joining the company, he worked with professional lighting and sound equipment. He is engineer "to the bone." In the company, he deals with organization of the internal IT-infrastructure, its support and development. In his work with clients, he creates effective technical solutions: from the development of cable routing schemes in office to the selection and installation of complex server hardware. As colleagues says, Alexey can pack something of 60 cubic meters in a matchbox.

Olga Matrosova
Olga Matrosova Project manager
Olga Matrosova

A talented project manager, leading consultant for the automation of accounting functions in the production. Olga has extensive experience of working in project teams on the client side. She is familiar with software solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics for more than 10 years. Olga’s specialty - "fixed assets and finances." She is good-natured and sympathetic person with an active lifestyle.

Ilya Kolosov
Ilya Kolosov Head of Technical Support
Ilya Kolosov

The person who response to the customer requests delicately, swiftly and responsively. He deals with support and development of information systems. Ilya works in the company from its foundation. He has been actively involved in projects of new technologies and solutions implementation, hisspecialization is finance, logistics and tax accounting. He has more than 8 years of experience with various automation tools based business software Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Olga Blinova
Olga Blinova Сonsultant
Olga Blinov

Olga specializes in staff and payroll modules. She has significant experience with software solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and has been actively involved in majority of our projects. In real life, she is a pleasant, responsive and good-natured woman, who holds an active position relative to finding optimal solutions for our clients' problems.

Vadim Zolkiewski
Vadim Zolkiewski Leading developer, consultant
Vadim Zolkiewski

Vadim is a leading developer, consultant. For a long time he worked on the client side in major Russian companies. He has worked in the sphere of consulting for more than three years. In Mindcore on as a developer, he is engaged in software interfaces, projects of performance optimizing and information systems speed increasing. As a consultant, he is involved in most projects of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation and support.

Our advantages

We operate out of traditional schemes of consulting and see unlimited potential in each of our clients. Our goal is to choose the right way of development and to achieve high results.
Extensive experience gained from international and domestic companies in the field of financial management and IT implementation enables us to provide a high level of service and find the most suitable solution for each client.
The use of the best world practicesand softwarehelpsMindcore to concentrate on one goal and createthe most accurate andinformed decisionsin in our clients’ fields of action.

Our Clients

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